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"Parade" "Hey Señor, have you seen the ocean today?" "If you're not greedy..." "Diana" "Black Eyes; the Torch" "Patrick Duffy, Mark Harris"
Patrick Duffy, Tears of Blood..." "Kalani Jimmy" "Buffalo Keaulana" "Sunny Garcia" "Jesus Christ, Golden Cloak" "Fatherhood - It Changed His Life"
"Black-eyed Boy" "Señor Vino" "Cyclops Brilliant" "The Goat" "Señor Cyclops" "Soldier (with orange eyes)"
"Aim Towards the Sky" "Girl and Dog Sleeping" "Peace Ball Bat" "Fixing it with..." "The Axe Man" "Julio and Niña"
"Estoy aqui..." "Japanese Figure..." "Dolphin Black Star, Everybody Knows" "Bob Jones" "Soldier (with blue eyes)" "Soldier (with yellow eyes)"
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