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“I art.” Space 28, Dublin, 1999.

“...Hume inevitably comes to mind in relation to Paul Regan’s “I art” at Space 28 as well, not just because he uses enamel and emulsion paint, but also for the coolness of his stance and his use of impassive expanses of flat colour. Like Roche, he allows flurries of impulsive mark-making to intrude on to these expanses, and again whatever gestural play is permitted is anything but expressive. Taking the paintings together with a group of inkjet prints, it becomes clear that Regan’s work responds to the complexity of the contemporary visual environment with its plethora of imagery, signs and codes. He shows a willingness to push things out a little further, to go for jagged combinations of conflicting and overlapping languages, generating a slightly demented but consistently interesting visual energy.”

Aidan Dunne

The Irish Times, December 15, 1999.

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